Dallas the Dentist

Family dental practice making patients smile

Dallas the dentist has an exuberant personality that rubs off on everyone around him. He asked us to bottle that feeling in website form. With that directive, we came up with one of our more high concept hero ideas.

The main image on the site gives visitors a point of view of people smiling into a camera. Taking the metaphor one step further, we added a capture button that triggers a flash and brings another smiling face into frame. Cool!

Our hope is that visitors have fun playing with this novel feature and start smiling themselves. The rest of the site is clean and professional without feeling sterile. Visitors are never more than a click or a scroll away from the next set of pearly whites.

(Drag or swipe left/right on the images below to see more layouts.)

What to Expect
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Not everyone looks forward to visiting the dentist, but it’s people like Dr. Dallas who are changing that attitude in their patients. Health starts with the mouth.

We love our website! Thanks for all your work in getting this completed and live.

– Dr. Dallas K, Dallas the Dentist