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Website for Growth
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What happens when a values-led company like GLIDE teams up with a Public Benefit Corp like GoodCitizen? Do you remember those old Red Bull commercials? It’ll give you wings! Seriously though, it’s no exaggeration to say that GLIDE and GC are a match made in business heaven. That’s why we were over the moon when they asked for a new site that captured the boldness of their mission. And they wanted it fast.

Glide helped translate our vision for our new company into a beautiful, bold, brand-amplifying web presence, while also ensuring the highest level of functionality and user experience.
Max Scoular
Board Chair, GoodCitizen
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What We Learned
Third-party integration

There’s wiggle-room when it comes to design, but building out advanced site functionality is not something to rush. As an Executive Search company, GoodCitizen needed a place for potential candidates to submit info. Furthermore, that info would then need to be sent to a third-party platform where they could manage candidate profiles. Long story short, we were working on the solution right up to launch, but were able to develop it in parallel with the rest of the site.

Big picture outlook

It takes time to measure the performance of a new site, but the immediate impact is clear. GoodCitizen has a digital presence that showcases not only the great work they do, but the world-changing impact of their clients. When two entities come together with this much alignment in mission, an epic cycle of virtuosity ensues.