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A strong brand is the foundation of a successful design project. For Hero Loan, their identity and value proposition is summed up in four words: “Home loans for Heroes”. With that as a starting point, we turned our attention to primary actions that could be completed on the website. It boiled down to increasing the number of veterans who apply for home loans.

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Compelling calls-to-action

As you might imagine, there’s a healthy amount of competition in the home loan space, so differentiation is key. In the case of Hero Loan, they specialize in VA loans only and get them approved fast. Like, 5-minute fast. When you can say something nobody else can, you should say it LOUD and PROUD. On a website that means big buttons with “5-minute approval” text right up top. Who wouldn’t spend five minutes to change their life?

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Since giving back is a foundational belief at GLIDE, we seek out clients that share this value. We wanted to find a balance between achieving business goals and highlighting why you’re in business in the first place. That’s why the homepage features a section dedicated to the charitable work they do in their community. We love to see all of our clients serving a higher cause.

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