People-focused incident analysis

What we did
Website for Growth
Digital Support

Jeli boasts the first platform of its kind, drawing from incident analysis practices like chaos engineering with a new, people-centered approach. We were thrilled to design the new launchpad site for this exciting new startup that promises track issues and discover solutions in your company’s processes, DevOps and otherwise. 

A team with experience

The Jeli team boasts a wealth of experience, with leadership from the likes of Netflix and Slack. We showcased this with logo bars that can later be used to highlight design partnerships. We also relied on Jeli’s strong branding to present their team of “Jeli beans” as a series jelly bean-shaped portraits. This alongside careful selection of assets and icons with an eye toward risk-aversion will be sure to draw in note-worthy design partners for Jeli’s exciting future.

A partnership in process

After a fast-paced launch to meet Jeli’s conference timeline goals, we got to take some time to figure out how we can take the new launchpad site from good to great. As we continue to work with Jeli through our ongoing growth-driven design framework, we have plans for projects like a careers page, a knowledge base, and news and insights. We continue to grow the Jeli website to meet the growth of Jeli as a company.