Luna Recovery

Committed to helping people
suffering from addiction


One of our first exercises when starting a new project is something called “Design Discovery”. This consists of us scouring the web for sites we find inspiring that may be relevant to the current project. In this case, working with Luna Recovery, we learned right away that they preferred websites with a more abstract or illustrated look.

Based on what we learned during the discovery process, we turned our creative energy towards creating custom illustrations. The connection between the phases of the moon and the phases of recovery gave us a great place to jump in.

Design that connects

“By your side through every phase” became the mantra. The concept sounded great on paper but the real test would come when the messaging would be paired with imagery.

A path forward

The site opens with an animated scene of a moon making its journey through the sky. At the end, the night gives way to the sun, and the mood shifts from restful to hopeful. This sets the tone for the the website and Luna’s relationship with their patients.

At a Glance

What the client says

GLIDE was a dream to work with . Their creativity and mastery over the design process is invaluable.

Robert W Park

What we learned

Meaningful illustration

Web design is a team effort, but there are aspects where individual artistry really shines though. With Luna, our lead designer Marian hand-painted water color images to use throughout the site. We were delighted by how rich they turned out.