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This project was a good reminder that you don’t have to be a SME (Subject Matter Expert) on something in order to make a website for it. However, you do have to know where your expertise ends and your client’s begins. In the event of NetSPI (a Pen Testing and Security solutions provider), we focused on clear site architecture and clean styling, while deferring to them on matters that were a bit over our collective heads.

What We Learned
It Has to Convert

The nav helps people get from page to page of a website, but that doesn’t do much good if the desired actions never get completed. Like most marketing sites, the primary action on the NetSPI site is lead generation. Of course we have a Quote page, but on the bottom of EVERY page, we have a short lead gen form pinned to the footer. Repetition is a valuable tool in our conversion science kit. so we err on the side of surplus when it comes to CTA buttons and forms. Every page leads to the finish line—should you choose to cross it.

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