Conversion optimization for non-profits

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If we were designing our ideal client in a lab, it might look something like NextAfter. They use data science to help non-profits raise more money. Yes, please. By building a beautiful, well-organized website for them, we’re contributing to our own goal of helping people who help others. You gotta love organizational symbiosis.

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Troves of information

One of the coolest things about NextAfter is they share all their conversion research with the community—for free. All 1800+ experiments they’ve performed are accessible through their website. Our goal was to make it easy to search, filter, and browse these valuable resources so more people would benefit from them. We aim for this through a series of smart filters and sort functions.

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What We Learned
More is not always better

One big takeaway from this project was a unique approach to their conversion page. Instead of maximizing for # of conversions, they maximize for quality of conversions. That means stating upfront who is and—more importantly—who is NOT a good fit for them to work with. Pre-qualifying leads saves time and focus. And for anyone who doesn’t qualify, they still benefit from all the free resources NextAfter makes available.

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