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Have y’all heard? Austin has its first MLS soccer team AND a brand new stadium to boot! Q2 Stadium hosts Austin FC, live music, and of course, offers delicious food from local favorites. Needless to say, we were thrilled at the opportunity to build a brand new website for this incredible stadium and event center. Vamos A-T-X!

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An unforgettable experience

Priority number one was doing our best to capture what it’s like to be at Q2 when something magical happens. To make the website pulse with energy, we placed stunning imagery, action-packed video, and bold text—over a pitch black background. It adds up to a striking first impression, we must say. As cool as being there? Not exactly. But it’s a taste.

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What We Learned
Come join the party

What would an event website be without a clear path to attendance. From the main nav, to the fold, and beyond, we give visitors every opportunity to plan their visit to Q2. Once you hit the Events & Tickets page, you can sort by multiple views, including a calendar that shows the big picture. If you’re ever in Austin, you really should make a point to visit.

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