Crafting adventures on wheels


Imagine embarking on your next adventure in a custom camping van tailored to your wildest dreams. This is the promise of Sportsmobile, a company with a rich legacy dating back to 1961. We were thrilled at the opportunity to partner with Sportsmobile, a true trailblazer in the world of custom camping vans, and bring their vision to life through our website redesign project.

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Navigating the trail of innovation

What stood out most creatively about the Sportsmobile project was the opportunity to revamp a website that has been a cornerstone of the company’s identity for so long. This project was not just about upgrading a website but about reimagining the digital storefront for a brand that embodies the spirit of adventure.

One of the unique challenges of the Sportsmobile project was to streamline the navigation and declutter the website while maintaining the essence of what makes Sportsmobile unique. This required a delicate balance of showcasing their products and services without overwhelming visitors.

To help Sportsmobile achieve their conversion goals, we implemented a clean and intuitive design that highlighted their products and services. We also incorporated a customer section into the site, offering videos and detailed explanations of systems and winterization processes. With these improvements, Sportsmobile is better positioned to drive sign-ups for free and paid plans, make the website easier for the marketing team to maintain and update, and provide customers with a seamless browsing experience.