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What We Did:
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To evaluate potential clients we really only need to ask one question: how do you help people? With RateGenius, they help people by saving them money through lower car payments. Sounds good to us. Next, we ask, what can we do to help you help more people. In most cases, including this one, the answer is build a better website.

For this project, conversion was everything. When you tell people you’ll save them money, they’re skeptical, so you need to cut right to the chase. As soon as you land on the new RateGenius homepage, you see an Apply button, and below that, you see metrics that substantiate their claim of savings. It’s hard to argue with near perfect customers reviews and hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers.

That said, the biggest challenge was updating the user flow once someone does click apply. We had to make the 6-part online application process frictionless to ensure as close to a 100% completion rate as possible. Our solution was breaking the form into easily digestible sections and showing progress to build momentum. To that effect, we use a large, numbered bar across the top of each form section to push applicants down the path.

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Post-launch Results

+122%Website Traffic+100%Page Views -20%Bounce Rate
First 45 Days (compared to previous time last year)