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Did you know that insurance companies decide how risky you are based on broad generalizations and sparse personal information? At least that was the case until Verikai came along with its Machine Learning and behavioral data-powered risk analytics, helping the insured get the right rates and helping underwriters get accurate predictions. We were happy to redesign their site to better communicate the groundbreaking work Verikai is bringing to the health insurance industry.

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Speaking My Language

Of course, this tool can only help the insured if underwriters use it, so we made sure to speak directly to their concerns. Verikai’s two main audiences, underwriters and brokers, have two different sets of priorities and use different lexicons to describe them. We made sure to guide each group to the content for them almost immediately, right after calling out terms common to both groups—loss ratios, profits—in the stylized hero graphic. An interaction requires users to self-identify before submitting a demo request, so team members can prepare to show prospective customers how Verikai holds value specifically for them.

A Unique Brand

Though the new Verikai site is made up of many distinct parts, from styles of graphics to audience segments, they come together beautifully with the new Verikai logo to form a cohesive visual identity and voice. We’ll continue to conduct behavioral analyses of the site’s visitors in tools like Hotjar, because they deserve to be understood as well as underwriters understand their groups with Verikai.