World Champions Rodeo Alliance

Bringing new prize money to rodeo athletes

GLIDE may be a remote agency but we got Texas in our DNA. Many of us grew up there, lived for a stint, or call Texas home today. So you can understand our giddiness to work with a startup bringing new tech to the rodeo space. The World Champions Rodeo Alliance built a platform that infuses the rodeo circuit with new prize money, and it was on us to help them tell that story through the website.

Explaining something new

One big challenge we face working with innovative companies is explaining what they do in digestible website form. You can try diagrams, explainer videos, testimonials, etc., but it’s hard to control how much people will skim versus comprehend. The trick is balance, as always. For WCRA, we emphasized the why on key landing pages and the how as you get deeper into the site.

Know your audience

But this wasn’t only a marketing site. We knew it needed to serve (at least) three distinct audiences. Athletes who want to know what’s in it for them, fans who want to see the events, and organizers who are potential WCRA partners. There’s some overlap, of course, but we built the primary navigation around which audience was looking for what.

A smooth app handoff

The scope of our project was mostly separate from their web application but there would be some app data we needed to show visitors on the website, without them logging in. This included leaderboards you could filter and sort—in abbreviated form—followed by a login call-to-action that reveals the full list. We also saw this as a powerful way to entice new signups.

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Post-launch Results

+289.75%Website Traffic+76.16%Desktop Traffic+345.15%Mobile Traffic