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Amarillo Children’s Home
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If we had to point to one project as the embodiment of the GLIDE ethos this could easily be it. Amarillo Children’s Home restores the identities of children by giving shelter, care, and compassion when they desperately need it. This cause was brought to our attention by GLIDE team member Brooke Miceli, who has donated her time to their efforts, and once she let us know they needed a new website, our whole team was thrilled to pitch in.

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My favorite part of this project has been seeing their heart for what we do at ACH and translating that into a beautiful, high-performing website.
Darrin Murphy
M.A.B.C. President of Amarillo Children’s Home, Amarillo Children’s Home
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To give the whole site a hands-on feel, we add watercolor markings throughout each page. Other details include custom graphics to show the current families on campus and the emotional healing circle that exists when a loving support system falls in place. Overall, we hope the design captures the balance of individuality and continuity that everyone there works so hard to promote. We’d love for you to check out the new Amarillo Children’s home website yourself.

We should also note, this project was part of a hackathon called OpenAIR. Now in its 20th year, OpenAIR pairs design teams with non-profits to create great websites for great causes. Going forward, we hope to be involved in as many projects like this as possible while GLIDE continues to live its own mission of doing great work for great people.

We’re so thrilled that we could be a part of the great work they are doing. You can hear about their experience in their own words:

“GLIDE recently completed a new website for Amarillo Children’s Home, a 94 year old foster care group home. We were thrilled with the process as well as the finished product! Travis and Brooke were easy to work with and helped us think through strategies and new ways of communicating what we do. They created multiple new aspects of our website that added value to our organization, such as an interactive historical timeline, video footage of our campus on our homepage, and simple, high impact graphics. They immediately understood the purpose of our website is to educate the community in order to increase donations, and they helped us find new and effective ways to accomplish this purpose. My favorite part of this project has been seeing their heart for what we do at ACH and translating that into a beautiful, high-performing website. I never imagined web designers would care so deeply about the work we do of raising foster children. I’m so grateful to say we not only gained an excellent new website, we also added a new partners in our mission of restoring the identity of children so they can realize their great value and be a blessing to others.” Darrin Murphy, M.A.B.C. President of Amarillo Children’s Home