Determined to end bullying

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The “UGLI” in UGLI Foundation stands for UNIQUE, GIFTED, LOVED, INDIVIDUAL. They envision a world where kindness overpowers hate and encouragement triumphs over bullying. We at GLIDE relish the opportunity to work with nonprofits, especially those serving vulnerable segments of the population—in this case children. Our efforts included the design and development of a new website to promote their world-changing mission to end bullying forever.

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Make a splash

Not every website benefits from a splash screen that loads before the rest of the site but we felt it was appropriate here. By flashing the four words that make up their name—in stark white text over a black—we set the tone for the whole site experience. This is important and it demands attention, but when we peel that away, love and bright colors bubble to the surface.

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What We Learned
A virtuous circle

Another motif we wanted to seed is the concept of what goes around comes around. By ‘stamping’ the website with circular phases, we encourage visitors to learn and repeat these mini self-love mantras. Love. Encourage. Repeat.

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