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Summer camp for adventurous boys

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Camp La Junta has fostered self-confidence and independence in boys for over 90 years, but as you can imagine, their digital presence has not exactly kept up with the times. Enter GLIDE. It was our job to capture the pure exuberance that comes with camp in modern website form. Let’s jump in.

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Start with the end in mind

Beyond the assets, we didn’t want the rest of the site to feel sterile or too modern. This is a place with 90 years of tradition, so we knew the site had to reflect that. There’s a wood texture to the background and the fonts bubble off the page. It’s all about balancing clean design with timeless values.

We should also mention that constructing this site was no easy task, structurally speaking. There’s a lot of info packed in to address both campers and parents. To make it easy to find, we spent a lot of time on a visual navigation that lays out key content in an inviting and logical way. All said and done, we believe we hit the mark.