Software for retail space management

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What we did
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Cantactix is a startup that creates software for retail space and category management. Not only were we thrilled to work with another startup, but as a company who aims to impact as many lives as possible, it’s exciting to put our skills behind a company that will improve the lives of not only the retailers but also the customers who browse their shelves.

Into the Blue

We supplemented our featured illustrations with photos of retail shelves and shopping carts layered with stylized UI snippets that could show off Cantactix’s software without risking IP theft. We chose to keep the brand’s existing style of blue with red accents, which speaks to the company’s largest integrator and space management mainstay, Blue Yonder. But we did update the way the company showcased their many awards with sleek blue linear trophy icons.

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What We Learned
Countdown to Launch

While we ended up adding a few more elements after the build stage of the project, delaying our original launch date a bit, we were glad we could send Cantactix off with everything they needed to manage their website now and as they grow in the years to come. We’ll think of them every time we peek in at their analytics and every time we’re at the store and notice the perfectly organized shelves.