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What we did
Website for Growth

Creative Market is a startup with a two-sided marketplace. It is an online marketplace for community-generated design assets – a place for artists to share wonderful resources and for creative professionals to find high quality assets. They already had a thriving blog but had discovered several areas of friction that they sought to alleviate, and we were excited to propose a creative solution.

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A strong foundation

At the start of the project, Creative Market had a prolific blog, featuring over 2400+ articles written. They had an excellent exhibition of relevant, authoritative and original content. However, they were frustrated by the friction the blog’s technical execution had created around updates, changes, and overall site management needed to accomplish their marketing objectives.

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What We Learned
Taking a creative approach

Rather than merely slapping on a new coat of paint and giving the blog a surface level facelift, we proposed a more bold solution. We helped them by “replatforming” the site with not just a new look and feel but a new foundation. While this route may not have been the easiest one, we knew it would result in the longest term benefits, eliminate need for future rework, and aid in the facilitation of a high-performing content plan and empowered marketing team.