The Recreationalist by Outdoor Voices

Lifestyle blog
for active apparel company


We love projects that shake up our workflow and allow us to stretch new muscles. In this case, Outdoor Voices came to us with designs already in tow, but needing our team to develop The Recreationalist blog and structure the CMS in a way that would accommodate lots of styles and content types. It’s early days, but we’re getting more and more confident building complex WordPress sites that make use of custom Gutenberg blocks. Using that framework, we got to work.

Deliver faithfully

We love the look and feel of the designs they created, so we made sure to execute them with the same level of faithfulness we display for our own ideas. Because it’s an eclectic design, we had to find creative ways to use Gutenberg. You want the content to feel dynamic and custom, without sacrificing simplicity on the backend. We always try to strike a balance between practical consistency and pleasant divergence.

Just wanted to thank everyone here for helping us launch this thing. The feedback has been great so far on our end. Exciting day.

Chris Ralston
Design Director

I’ve also shared with the entire exec team and our board of directors the partnership with your team has been incredible and easily one of the best experiences  we’ve had with outside help.

Kevin Harwood
VP of Technology


So easy to maintain

Ultimately, the success of the project comes down to how easy the site is to maintain and update. With The Recreationalist blog being a key component of their marketing and culture setting, they are fully committed to keeping the content fresh. Thus far, all signs point to the CMS empowering them to publish beautiful, engrossing articles for as long as they desire.