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What we did
Website for Growth
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Village & Vine, the travel blog of Mary Beth Chalk, shares tips and tricks for exploring small towns and vineyards across the globe. It also showcases the stories of her travels as inspiration for ambitious travelers or simply as an escape for readers at home. In this redesign, we set out to give Mary Beth’s rich content collection a new look that would do it justice.

What We Learned
Mapping your memories

Considering the wealth of content we were working with, we wanted to provide visitors with plenty of ways to drill down to what they need. More than the standard search functionality and category lists, we plotted a map with country-specific content and added a set of country icons for easy identification. We also created a cross-search interaction, which allows users to choose a travel type and destination to the content they’re looking for.

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Wish you were here

With a new brand, new site design, and matching itineraries, a visit to is as exciting as traversing the vineyards of Tuscany. Okay, not quite, but it is a cohesive, dynamic experience that guides users through the project of passion that is Village & Vine. We’re excited for the future of Village & Vine and can imagine a day in the not-too-distant future where Mary Beth has a byline in Travel & Leisure.