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A 21% increase in site traffic means more women are getting the support they need.

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When the opportunity to design and build a new website for the National Breast Cancer Foundation came our way, we were not going to take no for an answer. This has GLIDE dream project written all over it—a non-profit with a national reach that saves the lives of women? What a perfect encapsulation of our mission to help people who help others. Let’s go!

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What We Learned
Start with the end in mind

This was a large-scale project with hundreds of pages to either create or migrate so we planned on an extended timeline. That said, we knew the timeline could not, under any circumstances, go past September. Why? Because in October—Breast Cancer Awareness Month—site traffic spikes and we wanted to make sure all those new and returning visitors would have the best experience possible. Sure enough, thanks to lots of hard work on both sides, we launched September 26th. Hooray! We couldn’t be more proud of our part in helping NBCF support women.