Improving the lives of children across generations

Upbring website overview on laptop and mobile
What we did
Website for Growth

We were excited to collaborate with Upbring, a non-profit organization committed to providing nurturing and supportive services to children and families in need. With a rich history of over 138 years, Upbring’s dedication to breaking the cycle of abuse and creating new and innovative systems aligns with our values, and we were honored to help them achieve their goals through a new website redesign.

Challenges and Solutions

One of the unique challenges we faced was integrating a complex donation system into the website seamlessly. Our technical team implemented a custom solution that streamlined the donation process and allowed users to make donations quickly and efficiently. We also implemented an event management system to allow Upbring to promote their events and sell tickets online. Our team worked closely with Upbring to ensure that the new website met their specific needs and requirements.

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What We Learned
Achieving Conversion Goals

The website redesign helped Upbring to achieve their conversion goals by increasing user engagement, promoting events, and making it easy for visitors to donate. The simplified design and streamlined donation process resulted in a significant increase in online donations, and the event management system helped Upbring to promote and sell more tickets for their events. By partnering with Upbring and implementing a new website, we helped them to enhance their online presence and reach a wider audience.