Vida Capital

Multi-billion dollar alternative asset management firm

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What we did
Website for Growth

Vida Capital’s profile is on the rise and they wanted a website that fit their forward thinking approach. The result is a ultra modern design with striking video, bold typography, and generous whitespace to offset content blocks.

Individual elements feel dynamic and move around depending on which page you visit. The homepage uses a subtle V-shaped watermark in the background to drive visitors down the page and reinforce the Vida brand.

Post Launch Results
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Glide took abstract ideas from multiple key stakeholders and delivered a beautiful and functional product that exceeded our expectations.
Timothy Leung
Timothy Leung, Director of Investor Relations, Vida Capital
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What We Learned
Start with the end in mind

We are thrilled to see that site performance has improved across the board, significantly. Not only does the site pass the eye-test, visitors are spending more time viewing more pages. We can’t wait to see what great projects they do next.