CareBOX Program

Delivering essential supplies to the homes of cancer patients

What We Did:

This is the kind of project that epitomizes what we want GLIDE to be now and going forward. We like to say, we help people who help people, and CareBOX certainly fits the mold. They are a nonprofit program filling a crucial gap in coverage for cancer patients by delivering nutrition, hygiene, and mobility supplies to their homes.

For the website, we wanted to focus on the stories of individuals whose lives have been saved or changed by CareBOX. You see this idea coming to fruition from the first image on the homepage, and throughout the site.

Story Telling

The “Impact” section of the site is a collection of stories from people who have been touched by the kindness and hard work of CareBOX employees and volunteers.

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Inspire Giving

The other main requirement, of course, was making the donation process transparent and straightforward. We have a page on the site dedicated to their monthly donation fund called CareGIVE.

Post-launch Results

We are thrilled to see improvements in traffic and visit time in just the first month. We hope to bring more awareness to CareBOX Program so that they can continue to help patients.

+13%Organic Site Traffic+116%Avg. Visit Time - Mobile+35%Avg. Visit Time - Desktop
Last 30 days / year over year

They are very passionate about the projects they take on which can be seen in the quality of the work they deliver.

– Jillian Domingue, Executive Director, CareBOX Program