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Travis McAshanFounder & Managing Director

Stephen Covey once said, “Successful people begin with the end in mind.” I believe no success is worth losing your integrity. I believe that anything worth doing is worth doing right. I believe that trust is created with honesty, experience, and expertise, always in that order. I believe that value is in the eyes of the beholder and cannot be expressed in words. Our ULTIMATE end goal is to create results that meet, and hopefully exceed, our clients expectations.


  • BA in Architecture from Texas A&M
  • Early career Graphic Designer for internet start-up EverydayWealth
  • Founded Pixona, an online real-time video communications company
  • Founded Glide Design in 2003

10 Interesting Facts About Travis:

  1. He taught himself how to juggle when he was 10 years old.
  2. He could not bear to live in a world without queso and chips.
  3. His dog soul mate is also a company employee… Molly (and he married his true soul mate Kristen in 2009).
  4. He ran track for Texas A&M, is a four time All-American, and set a big twelve record in the 600 meter dash in 2001.
  5. He secretly wants to become a professional kite-boarder but settles for a fulfilling life as a professional web marketer.
  6. He has a passion for all things Apple and hugs his iPad daily.
  7. He won a local community area contest for longest hand-thrown paper air plane in 3rd grade.
  8. He is insanely passionate about the principles of a best in class web design.
  9. While being right handed, he still writes, acts, and thinks like he’s left handed.
  10. At age 4, he had planned to be a professional surfer and world renowned architect.

Marian BrchanCo-Founder & Lead Designer

I believe that people in today’s society are bombarded with too much information, and that in order to be successful, simplicity and usability are key. I believe that less is more and that simple is beautiful. I also believe that anything worth being done is worth being done well. Each client is unique. My aim is to bring a distinctive design solution for each one of them. I want clients to be thrilled with and proud of their websites. I aspire to make each website user-friendly and intuitive to site visitors.


  • Adopted interest in programming from older brothers
  • Created first computer graphic images at 11 years old
  • Freelance web designer for 8 years prior to co-founding GLIDE
Joel CasarezMarketing Director

I believe in trust and loyalty. Loyalty to our friends, our family, our clients, and ourselves. I believe that without trust, relationships can’t blossom. I believe everyone should have goals and should work hard to achieve whatever those goals may be. By setting goals and working hard, we can accomplish anything we put our minds to.


  • Studied Entrepreneurship and Mechanical Engineering
  • Worked with a tech incubator and live chat startup
  • Google AdWords Certified
  • 6+ Years of AdWords Management Experience
  • Managed $800,000/yr in AdWords Spend
  • Spoken at DrupalCamp Austin, RISE Austin, ProductCamp Austin, & DrupalCon Chicago
  • Founded and sold an online marketing company
  • Joined GLIDE to work with the best people in the world

10 Interesting Things About Me:

  1. I have an obsession with tacos.
  2. My favorite sports team is the San Antonio Spurs.
  3. Whenever my teachers asked me what my hobbies were in an attempt to get to know me, I never had an answer.
  4. I have to iron everything I wear.
  5. I can recall what you were wearing and what you said on what day but I can’t remember facts.
  6. I love comedy- especially stand-up.
  7. I’ve been dreaming of home automation since I was 7.
  8. I own a full-size, 3 foot robot.
  9. I wrote the lyrics for my high school graduation song.
  10. I’m happiest when I’m in a robe.
Drew LyonCreative Director

I believe communication is everything. I know, cliché right? But really, that’s all “direction” of any kind comes down to—whether you’re making a website or movie or working in a busy kitchen. My job is to listen to what a client wants and translate that into a clear, executable plan for the site design. What appeals to each of us visually is subjective, but as long as we’re communicating well, we’ll get to the desired result—every time.


  • BA in Communication from the University of Virginia
  • Art direction & videography for independent TV station
  • Professional copywriting at marketing startup in Austin
  • Brand positioning and identity work after joining GLIDE
  • Creative direction on GLIDE projects starting in 2014

10 Interesting Facts About Drew:

    1. He likes every food except yellow mustard.
    2. He lived in the middle of Brooklyn, in a van, for several months.
    3. Yes, he also lived in a van down by the river.
    4. Did he mention he shared said van with a cat and her litter of 5 kittens!
      (okay, we get it, moving on from the van…)
    5. He’s never had a tooth cavity, and is soooo proud of it.
    6. His last hair cut was in 2010 (okay maybe he’s had a trim or two).
    7. He can hit a tennis ball like 1000 feet, he says.
    8. He communicates telepathically with cats. And they talk back, of course.
    9. He’s never seen Titanic. Not that he’s avoiding it. Really he’s not.
    10. He carries library cards from at least a dozen different cities.

Brooke MiceliProject Manager

I believe in listening before speaking. Listen with intent, speak with purpose. I see the big picture before I hurl myself headfirst into action. That said, once I know what the goal is, I come at it like a Tasmanian devil—well, a Tasmanian devil with considerably less rage and better business etiquette, but the energy is there. I take ambitious ideas and break them down into clear, bite-sized objectives. If you have a vision, I have a plan.


  • BFA in Theatre & Directing from Texas State University
  • San Antonio Business Journal 40 Under 40
  • Proficient in Spanish and Italian
  • 10 years in full service branding, marketing, and advertising agencies
  • Training and certifications in inbound marketing and search engine marketing
  • Produced radio, TV, and online video content in English and Spanish
  • Managed major retail and franchise accounts for print, digital, and media marketing

10 Interesting Facts About Brooke:

  1. She is left-handed, but she bowls and cuts right-handed.
  2. She can go back to sleep after a dream and start it up again.
  3. She once slept and showered in Paris De Gaulle airport…not pleasant.
  4. She has lived on a desert island where she experienced raining grasshoppers.
  5. She once acted in a stage show as a nun who got pregnant, aborted her own child, and had stigmata.
  6. She waited tables at an Irish Pub pretending to be Irish to make better tips.
  7. She speaks Italian at home with her husband and son.
  8. She enjoys riding dirt bikes with her family on the weekends.
  9. She rearranges furniture constantly in an effort to suppress gypsy tendencies.
  10. She has a really bad long-term memory.
Jessica ClarkProject Manager

I believe in looking at the big picture, and I believe in checklists. I believe that with organization, clarity, and passion, we can realize creative visions and achieve greatness. Creativity sometimes needs direction, and that’s what I’m here for. It is my job to take complex ideas and turn them into tasks to be completed by a team of experts. I dedicate myself fully to every project, and I am passionate about learning the ins and outs of your business in order to better serve you every step of the way.


  • MA and BA in Communication Arts from University of the Incarnate Word
  • Support, Project Management, and Content Producer at Rackspace Hosting
  • Interactive Producer at full service internet marketing and web development company
  • Joined GLIDE after going full time freelance to put all my experience to work

10 Interesting Things About Jessica:

  1. She has a goldendoodle named Jade.
  2. She loves being outdoors.
  3. She has had a crush on Justin Timberlake since she was 9 years old.
  4. She considers herself an extroverted introvert.
  5. She has broken 6 bones, had 3 concussions, and gone through 7 surgeries. She says she should just live in a big bubble.
  6. Her dad is also a project manager.
  7. She wants to travel the world! She has been to several countries, but has so much more to see.
  8. She loves trying new workouts to keep it interesting. She’s currently loving hot yoga.
  9. Her older brother is a firefighter, a crossfit instructor, and a father of 3. He motivates her to keep busy and stay in shape.
  10. She grew up on the river. Growing up in New Braunfels, TX, she spent every summer on the river or at Schlitterbahn.
Tanya SmithSocial Media Manager

Communication is the key to a healthy relationship, both in your personal and professional life. I am here to help our GLIDE clients improve communications and connect more with their customers through news, updates, events, polls, and promotions via social media networks. Together we will enhance the branding of your company, while forming loyal relationships with your customers.


  • Business Administration Degree from Texas Christian University, Marketing and Spanish
  • Assistant Media Buyer at GSD&M Advertising working with Land Rover, Chili’s, On The Border, and Walmart
  • Marketing Manager at a prestigious West Texas resort
  • Experience branding, launching, and managing several companies over a range of industries in the network marketing world, from travel to energy
  • Yoga instructor and healthy lifestyle advocate
  • Joined the GLIDE team as a Social Media and Client Success Manager

10 Interesting Facts About Tanya:

  1. She has a passion for healthy cooking and is constantly trying new ways to sneak beets and kale into her children’s food.
  2. Her free time is usually spent playing outdoors with her husband and two daughters.
  3. She is a self-proclaimed chocoholic. Mmmmmmmm.
  4. She has 600-hours of yoga teacher certifications from Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica, including children and prenatal.
  5. She currently teaches 1 yoga class a week and substitutes occasionally.
  6. She has been playing tennis since she could walk.
  7. She has helped launch and/or rebrand 6 companies.
  8. She has a PADI scuba license. Her favorite place to dive? It’s a tie between Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and Mexico’s cenotes.
  9. After graduating college, she took a 2-month backpacking trip through Europe.
  10. She has lived in New Mexico, Texas, Costa Rica, and Montana.
Zack ZentzSupport Manager

I enjoy the work I do, and I take great pride in it. I constantly aim to improve and deliver a better product to clients and customers. I give my maximum effort to each customer and project, learning something new every day, and fine-tuning my skill sets regularly. I strive to meet each individual customer’s needs to the best of my ability because a quality-finished project benefits the customer, their customers, and myself.


  • Grew up in a military family living all over the world
  • Self taught to code websites 100% from scratch
  • Constantly honing development skills in an ever-changing industry

10 Interesting Facts About Zack:

  1. Though he is a huge sports fan, most of his favorite teams are not from Texas!
  2. He lived In Germany for a few years as a kid.
  3. He aspires to travel around the world.
  4. He is the 2nd youngest of 7 children.
  5. He would like to own a bar/restaurant one day.
  6. He would rather watch a TV series all at once than waiting for it to air weekly.
  7. He wants to buy an old muscle car and rebuild it.
  8. He is a huge dog lover.
  9. He can eat breakfast foods anytime of the day.
  10. He does not have fun gambling- casinos are not for him!
Neil PieSenior Developer

I see things in terms of relationships, entities, and functionality rather than color and shape. It’s my goal to to envision the way in which the different parts of your project are going and speak to each before we start building anything. I also try to identify any potential pain points before a single line of code has been written. I want to ensure that your system is built on the right architecture so that it remains rock solid, blazing fast, and (above all) available!


  • Began writing computer programs in the 80’s on a Dragon 32
  • Wrote first BASIC program at 7 years old
  • Coded up first database to keep a record of comics at just 9 years old
  • Worked for an HR company building web-based database interfaces
  • Now builds business systems, adding value to design-driven teams

10 Interesting Facts About Neil:

  1. If his hood is up and his headphones are in, do not disturb.
  2. He neither shaved nor cut his hair while his partner was pregnant with their first child.
  3. He once came in dead last in a national Laser Tag tournament.
  4. In a previous life, he was an award-winning bartender and still to this day remembers over 500 recipes.
  5. He can solve a Rubiks cube in under 2 minutes.
  6. He doesn’t like the dentist (although he’s trying to be brave).
  7. He loves Mac, hates iPhone.
  8. He plays the ukulele (badly).
  9. He plays the banjo (even worse).
  10. Really, don’t ask him to sing for you…
George LeonardoUI/UX Designer

My focus and passion are usability, user experience, and entrepreneurship.


  • Graphic Design Degrees from Universidade Positivo and Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná
  • Human Computer Interaction Specialization from University of California, San Diego
  • Founded first design agency at just 14
  • Created the brand Thirstboards, producing skateboards, clothes, and accessories at age 17
  • Co-founded and sold a startup called Lovelô
  • Consulted for many startups in US, Canada, England, Chile, Saudi Arabia and Brazil

Jeremy MenkingFull Stack Developer

I enjoy making things work. For me, finding solutions for problems is a strength and sometimes an obsession. One that keeps me from sleeping… but it could also be the copious amounts of coffee. Details matter in the world of the web, and I believe that attention and planning make for a successful project.


  • BS in Information Systems from University of Texas at Arlington
  • Over 15 years developing websites
  • Worked professionally in every phase of web/software development
  • Currently manages and supports over 40 sites
  • Has worked on projects for Google, AMD, SanDisk, and Pete Carroll

10 Interesting Facts About Jeremy:

  1. He grew up working on a ranch sheering sheep and hauling hay.
  2. He had his own lawn mowing business at 11 years old.
  3. He plays electric and steel guitar in several bands around Austin.
  4. He nearly went to the Naval Academy for college
  5. He worked at the GAP in college (along with 4 other jobs at the time).
  6. H has at least two joints that can be dislocated pretty easily.
  7. He ALWAYS cries at the movie Rudy (well, at least 3 times).
  8. He goes way overboard in closet organization.
  9. He has convinced his kids that he is actually magic.
  10. He can’t stop buying vinyl records.
Jessica McDanielContent Strategist

Stories are a big part of my life: bedtime stories, news stories, Instagram stories, etc. So when I started my career in digital marketing, it’s no wonder I gravitated towards content strategy. I believe that content is the key to telling your brand story, building customer relationships and creating a memorable experience. I put your content to work in a way that will fulfill brand goals and I will not quit until we have reached them.


  • BA in Business Administration, Marketing Emphasis, Texas State University
  • 5 years full service agency experience on digital marketing team
  • Specialization in content marketing and social media strategy

10 Interesting Facts About Jessica:

  1. She lived and studied in Limerick, Ireland for four months.
  2. She went to college on a cheerleading scholarship.
  3. Her collection of vintage/limited edition Barbies contains dolls purchased from stores in London and Paris.
  4. Her go to Karaoke song is “You Ain’t Woman Enough” by Loretta Lynn but will butcher any song on request.
  5. She sewed her own prom dress and still sews clothes, curtains and torn stuffed animals.
  6. She loves cooking and her favorite meal is chicken enchilada casserole and sopapilla cheesecake.
  7. She is a mother of two handsome little boys and can frequently be found cheering them on at soccer, basketball and t-ball games.
  8. She is an avid reader and has a passion for writing.
  9. She taught 9th grade girls Sunday School for 3 years.
  10. Since joining GLIDE, she has enjoyed the benefits of being a stay at home working mom, able to continue her career while spending time with her babies and making it to every practice, game and school function.