Consumers Union Project

The challenge:

This project was a bit different. Instead of designing a whole site, we were asked to create a sub-site for a specific campaign Consumers Union was launching to end robocalls. Narrowing the focus of a site is always a challenge, so working on a project that started with such a laser focus excited us.

What we came up with:

This site is all about getting visitors to take action. The easiest action someone can take is signing a online petition, so we put a simple form front and (right-)center. What’s next? Well, you can share your story or donate or get updates on how the campaign is progressing. Visually, the design is empowering and whimsical. It says, hey, we know you feel helpless sometimes, but you’re not, you’re agents of change. Come on now, let’s stomp these awful robot dialers into the ground!