Paramount Field Services

A trailblazer in the land services industry

What’s the most important question you should ask a client before designing a website? “Who is your primary audience?” When we asked Paramount Field Services this question, they surprised us a bit with their answer.

Holy Moly! I knew you’d do a great job!

– M. Blake Susman, CPL, President & CEO, Paramount Field Services

“We have two primary audiences,” they said. “Land owners and companies who work with land, and we need our website to speak to both.” From there, we jumped right into the messaging. What is the clearest, most concise way to explain to both sides that Paramount is in the best position to make sure both parties get their needs met?

Design with something to say

First, our brand writers came up with the headline: “Find Common Ground.” Clear, concise, and clever without trying too hard. Every project is different, but in this case, we let messaging inspire design.

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Dare to be bold

Next, our lead designer took over and translated this language into a bold visual style that features dramatic earth tones, and he embedded iconography related to the services Paramount provide. It’s a grand vision, and it’s one that appeals strongly to both ends of the spectrum.

Landowners are put at ease by the calming colors, and land developers are impressed by the weight of experience and expertise on display. The marriage of epic landscape imagery and bold typography makes for a truly breathtaking design.

Final Thoughts

In terms of functionality, we cover a lot of ground without bogging visitors down in complicated, nested navigation. Services are all contained on one page with expandable modules, while team members get their own bio pages and unique URLs for sales purposes.

Despite the use of hi-resolution imagery, we’ve optimized each page to load without pause. And finally, there’s a quick contact form above the footer to maximize conversion. Put that real estate to use!