San Antonio Children’s Museum

The next generation of interactive education for kids

What We Did:

Only once a site is developed do you really know if it “works”. For the San Antonio Museum for Kids, we were asked to work with their existing design team on the development and roll-out of their new site.

We love working with GLIDE. Unlike other developers we’ve worked with, they are fantastic listeners.

– John Richardson, President

Coding can be creative too

In this case, we can’t take credit for the wonderful and whimsical vibe of the visuals, but we did compile the code that brought their vision to life. Speaking of which, not everyone realizes how much creativity, decision making, and problem solving goes developing a site and making sure the content management system is logically structured. Frankly, we geek out over technical solutions just as much as we do spiffy new designs.

The technical requirements

We had a large number of pages and layouts to contend with, as well as e-commerce and membership functionality to set-up. Making sure all the technical requirements are met while staying true to the spirit of a design is always a juggling act, but we managed to find a structure that satisfied all parties.

Leading up to launch

We collaborated with Do Seum’s design team to optimize site performance and to ensure that the museum would be able to handle the large amount of traffic coming their way. From all the feedback we’ve gotten, it seems the site launch and museum’s move to a new location has been a big success. Get your learn on!