Advantix Digital

Industry leading digital marketing agency

Advantix was ready for a change. Not just a new website, but a new identity that better showcased the breadth of their services. Advantix Marketing was to become Advantix Digital, and it was up to us capture the spirit of this shift in the form of a sophisticated website.

“Their team was incredibly responsive and assisted us in creating a beautiful, conversion oriented site.”

– Will Gallahue, Director of Operations, Advantix Digital

High concept branded design

We started with the idea of breaking down what they do into colorful bits. Lots of discombobulated dots (the digital realm) coming together to form something tangible (real world results). An abstract background evokes space and randomness, to which Advantix brings structure.

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A complete transformation

Visitors to their website are greeted by a simple but powerful animation of the word ‘Transform’. This works on multiple levels. As mentioned above, Advantix is undergoing their own change, and so will clients of theirs. As we know from our own design experience, online success is all about adaptation.

Post-launch results

This motif runs throughout the new Advantix Digital site, showing up in the form of modern line-art graphics and subtle animations. A playful mystique underlines the experience, enticing visitors to ask for more. Try something new, the primary call-to-action dares.

+93%Page Views+65%Avg. Visit Time+91%Pages per Visit
Last 30 days / 30 days pre-launch