Bob Schneider Project

Their Story

Bob Schneider, a popular performing artist in Austin, Texas, is well-traveled. Born in Michigan, and raised in Germany as the son of an opera singer, he was introduced to music at an early age. He is now  a singer/songwriter, whose music is a unique blend of funk, country, rock, and folk. He is a dedicated performer at Austin venues, and the best place to catch him is at Saxon’s Pub on Monday nights in downtown Austin.

How We Helped

The Bob Schneider project was a conglomeration of a management and a creative team, which brought resources for brand strategy, graphic design, and of course, web development. GLIDE’s responsibility on the project was to craft the actual site experience based on the client’s needs using the excellent graphic design of Backstage Productions and Pixel Peach. The result was a unique and quirky design that was a friendly feature of- well, who else? Bob!

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