TICO* Shaving Co. Project

Their Story

TICO* Organic Shave Oil is a USDA Organic shaving solution that makes shaving simpler, faster, and more enjoyable. TICO* delivers truly useful benefits including pre-shave (soften the hair), during-shave (increase razor glide), post-shave (sooth and heal the skin), and after-shave (moisturize and protect the skin). TICO*’s founders also donate a percentage of their profits to 1% for the Planet to help create a better environment for us all. TICO*- Shave different.

How We Helped

Company co-founders, Rayner Smith and Travis McAshan had a vision: change the way the world shaves. With such a big goal, they needed a great site to help them along their path. GLIDE created a unique, award-winning website that was featured on multiple sites including awwwards.com and webcreme.com. Needless to say, they were more than satisfied!