Megadent Project

Their Story

The idea of Megadent came about when founder, Eric Gaensehals, learned about the dental business from his father. After working and receiving an education in China, he met Jake Wang, and together, they combined their backgrounds and resources to establish a company to meet the large demand for high-quality, low-priced dental restorations.

How We Helped

Megadent needed to create a new brand for its existing company and needed a modern website to compliment its initiatives. Glide saw the vision of Megadent’s founders and created a marketing site that presented them as the leading company in outsourcing dental needs. The new site also gave the company a new inspiration, courage and immediate results (new leads) since its launch.

“Everything looks awesome. You guys have done a fantastic job! We are thrilled! We are very proud of the new site. Still getting lots of compliments for the site, thank you again for your hard work! You’re the best!”— Eric Gaensehals, Founder

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