Parametrics Medical Project

Their Story

Parametrics Medical strives to reduce cost and increase efficiencies in the sales and preferred tissue distribution chain. By studying and understanding the shape of GPO contracts, standardization and insurance reimbursement, they are confident that they can create an economic balance in healthcare product acquisitions. Their goals are to unite facilities, manufacturers and distributers into a cost-efficient partnership and to be a turnkey provider of high-quality bone and tissue allografts required to ensure superior results.

How We Helped

Dan Leary of Parametrics Medical was looking for a new cohesive front to the Parametrics suite of websites. Their existing sites were spread across a number of domains and lacked substance and brand identity. Glide was able to craft a clear and focused website presence and consolidate all their services under one domain making their marketing initiative easier and more effective. Additionally, the new site featured a wealth of new marketing and sales information which has helped their search engine rankings and website traffic.


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