Sundial Project

Their Story

The Sundial Group in Austin, Texas created the magical Quest Box in which a “Master” selects a treasure to place inside of a box and a destination where it will be revealed. Once the Treasure is locked up, the Master delivers the box to a friend to solve. If the Subject solves the quest before the numbers of tries have expired, he or she is treated to the excitement of seeing what is inside. Treasures range from pictures to memorabilia to engagement rings.

How We Helped

Mikal Hart began with a unique product as a small start up out of Austin. He required a marketing site to showcase his Quest Box and sell it to the world. The site was meant to be a resource for DIY folks and also for people looking to share their quests. GLIDE created a one-of-a-kind site that made the product the focal point and made an impact on site visitors.

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