Telespace Project

Their Story

With TeleSpace Cloud Services, there is clear value in increased up-time, and secure access to cutting-edge functionality across your voice, business video, and contact center tools. By eliminating the cost of on-premise security, Telespace ensures that business units are more satisfied, and that customers reap the rewards.

How We Helped

Telespace is a new company establishing itself in the Austin area as a provider of cloud-based voice and data services. They are a tech start-up who needed a completely new site with which to garner credibility and also establish market presence. They also required integration with various third-party vendors for purchases and customer management. GLIDE worked with the marketing team to create an elegant and friendly marketing website to help them make a strong first impression.

Home Page:

Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solutions (HCS) for Voice, Video Conferencing & Cloud Services (20130409)