TerraPass Project

The challenge:

Several exciting challenges here. First, we had to blend e-commerce functionality with large amounts of informative content. Furthermore, their company has two primary audiences, individuals and businesses, so we needed the site to speak effectively to both. We knew it would be a complex endeavor but we’re always excited to take on multi-faceted projects.

What we came up with:

Aspirational imagery and language on the homepage. A clear path to the shopping side of the site marked by a pronounced “Purchase” call to action. Navigation that makes it crystal clear to visitors which parts of the site are most relevant to them. Also, we created several custom layouts and page elements in order to best serve the content. The project page, for instance, features an interactive map highlighting the tremendous scope of their work. All in all, we were able to build a site that’s simple and easy to use yet powerful and chock-full of valuable information.