V-Sharp by Warthog Project

Their Story

Brothers Deon and Hein Pretorious are avid sportsman and outdoorsmen who found that knife-sharpening was a time consuming process that required a level of skill. Through trial-and-error and experiments with various techniques, they discovered two of the most important dynamics in sharpening- angle and pressure. They have been crafting and delivering high-quality products ever since.

How We Helped

John Ring, the main dealer for V-Sharp was looking to have a new website for V-Sharp. He had multiple existing sites, and found it difficult to manage all of his content efficiently. He also wanted something more visually-appealing than his current site offered. Glide working with John and graphic designer, Anica Bazan, to develop an online presence with e-commerce connections, so that his customers could easily and quickly find what they were looking for. His ultimate goal was to have a site that was easy to use, and he  is happy to say that his goal has been achieved.


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