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We truly desire to service, support, and encourage our clients to success online. It’s our goal to turn the average customer into a raving fan with great value and measurable results. Are you ready to become more than satisfied?

We were by no means an easy client, but Travis went the extra mile to make sure that we were 100 percent satisfied with the end result. The new design definitely met our expectations, and the support we have received since site launch has been first rate.”

What sets Travis and his team apart from the sea of other developers is that they genuinely care about you and the success of your site/business. Having someone you can truly trust, like Glide, made my startup a much more manageable experience.”

Glide Design led by Travis did an outstanding job organizing our thoughts and coming up with a new website design that clearly was beyond our expectations. The traffic and conversion data speak for themselves. We have already hired Glide Design to complete a second project. The support after our initial launch has been outstanding.”

When I started looking to update our website there was a tremendous amount of template oriented firms that used a cookie cutter type approach. There were others who stated they would build from scratch but their sites where boring, expensive and just didn’t have any creativity to them at all. Focusing on the Dallas and Austin area after an exhaustive search in the Houston area, we found Travis with Glide Designs. His engaging, enthusiastic, organized and detail oriented personality won me over after a couple of phone calls and one meeting. Travis took my ideas and translated them to a working solution. Travis “is” Glide and his support team reflect his professionalism. I plan to use Glide for any website related service they will offer in the future.”

Travis and his team at Glide did a phenomenal job. From the very beginning of the creative process it was obvious that they could create a plan that captured all of my objectives. I couldn’t be happier with the finished product. Also, whenever I need to update the site, they are very responsive.”

My experience with Travis and his fine team can best be described as one of continuous amazement. When I asked for a nice background image, I got a brilliant one. When I asked for some quick turnaround, it came the next morning. One thing after another left me delighted. Expect to be dazzled with the most thorough and capable service you’ve ever seen.”

Travis and his team are consummate professionals. Our site build-out presented a number of unique challenges; however the Glide team was up for the challenge. They were creative and diligent in developing solutions to those challenges. The result was a top notch site which has help us establish a strong presence on the web. We cannot say enough about what a great job Glide did and still do for our company.  We have a steady stream of compliments on our site from customers. A huge thanks from all of us at BlackPoint to the entire Glide Design team!”

Travis was a pleasure to work with.  He took the time both to understand our needs and to get it right.  Our new site looks fantastic, our bounce rate is down 17%, average visit duration is up 6%, and page views are up 6%.  Not only do I highly recommend Glide, I would recommend them to a friend.”

The thing I like about Travis is that he is a true professional who takes enormous pride in his work and provides excellent customer service. To me, this is what separates the great businesses from the rest, which is why I’d recommend Glide Design to anyone looking to establish a strong presence on the web.”

Escapaide, President & CEO

GLIDE was our first experience using a professional design firm and it was much better than expected. Travis spent a lot of time learning about our business before submitting the first draft and was very patient with us through our many revisions. We are very happy we decided to go with GLIDE for our design work.”

IT Director, Interline Vacations

Glide was a great company to work with. They delivered on all accounts by helping us evolve our once archaic and monotonous design into a fresh and eye-catching web destination that has become our trademark in the industry. Even though we were a small company at the time, the Glide team never treated us as such and instead always met their commitments and deadlines. No doubt about it, if you are looking to develop from scratch or redesign a boring and antiquated website, look no further – Glide is there for you!”

VP Information Technology, SandPro Transportation Solutions

I really like Travis and his team. While I’ve watched thier firm continue to prosper, I really appreciate how they remained very personal and responsive to my needs.”

I receive regular compliments on our website for its design and ease of use. The advice, development and support provided by Glide Design is effective, on-time and affordable.”

Hey Travis, Hope all is well!  Just wanted to let you know that I still love the site, you really did a great job!!! Best.”

It’s been a while since we’ve talked, I thought you would be interested to know that the combination of a 1) improving market 2) good SEO and 3) great website have doing pretty well. The number of daily visitors has increased by about 30-40% and they are converting to leads at a rate of 3% – 5% which is really good by any standard.”

Thanks you! If I don’t say it enough you are the best sir. if you need a written reference just holler. In eight years of doing business you are one of only three vendors that I consider the best of the best and that I trust completely. To put that in perspective I have dealt with well over two hundred vendors in the last eight years. Easily if not more. Pat yourself and your team on the back sir. Thanks again!”

WOW Travis, this is really great. I can’t tell you the level of excitement this site is bringing. Thanks again for all your hard work and persistence while helping us re-vamp [our website]. We have been getting lots of great compliments on the site.

Thanks to you and your whole team for working so hard on this.  It has not gone unnoticed by myself or by the board. It is much appreciated!”

We provide our customers with a high-quality, value-added cooler. GLIDE does the same thing, but with websites.”

Working for an extremely detail oriented engineering firm, we provided revision after revision for Glide to incorporate into our site. It may have taken longer than the norm to finalize but we are completely satisfied with the end result. Glide was able to meet our expectations while enhancing the feel of the site with their own flair. The Glide team has proved their skills to us and was a delight to work with. Compliments continue to roll our way with regards to our new site.”

Designer/Technologist, Tom Green & Company Engineers, Inc.

I love the website! I was very apprehensive about my picture selection, but your expertise and creativity has brought it all together! As always, thank you for doing such a great job in helping with the success of my business!”

The website looks great! When you initially described the dashboard/user interface, I didn’t realize that it would be so easy to use. My original site was a chore to update. The new, Glide-designed website is a pleasure to update. I can revise and add content in a matter of minutes. Thank you again!”

Not only is Glide Design incredibly creative, the level of service they provide their clients is absolutely awesome! Travis walked me through the process step by step (and more than once!) to be sure I was confident in what I was doing. It was great to know that the service did not stop the moment the website was completed. I have always felt comfortable I can reach out to Travis with any question and he will promptly attend to it. I wholeheartedly recommend Travis and Glide Design to anyone considering creating or revamping their website. They make the experience a breeze…well, a ‘glide.’”

Travis’ ability to make us feel like we are his most important client is a service that is lost in today’s world. His excitement and enthusiasm is contagious and the reason the Glide family was able to take my vision and turn it into a reality. Exceeding my expectations is not something that happens on a regular basis and I am proud to say that Glide Design was able to and then some!”

Everything looks awesome. You guys have done a fantastic job! We are thrilled! We are very proud of the new site. Still getting lots of compliments for the site, thank you again for your hard work! You’re the best!

When I started working with Travis at Glide Design, I had a new company and a basic idea of what I wanted for the website. Fortunately, I decided it would be worth it to work with a pro instead of either doing it myself or going with a less expensive online solution. That turned out to be one of the best business decisions I’ve made. If I could point out one single thing that made the difference between our website being a success vs being a flop – that thing would be Travis and Glide Design.”

Glide Design redesigned our website and we love the result! The website is a fresh look and a great boost for our business. We enjoyed working with Travis – he knows what he is doing and working with him was super easy.”

Working with Travis is like a having a great marketer working as a web designer or a great web designer working as a marketer. Either way he does a really good job at both ensuring you have a great looking customer centric website that properly conveys your company’s image and message.”

We have spent the past several years, since starting our business, trying to achieve a functional, beautiful and popular website! Finally, with the help of the Glide Design team, we could not be happier! We have been so impressed with the quick responses, quality workmanship, and follow through that Travis and his team provided. They are cutting edge and caring, which is a hard combination to find in a web company!”

Just a quick note to say how impressed we are with the way the site turned out!!!! Love how easy it is to navigate and absolutely love the look of it! Thanks from the beginning,  when you sat down with Tricia and I and wanted to know what was important to us!! You really listened and made it happen! I think we are going to blow away the competition!!!”

Travis and Glide Design did a really great job at illustrating the need the Texas Wildfire Relief Fund is looking to achieve. Travis was always helpful in making suggestions to help better the look of the page, and has helped us to tell our story most effectively.”

…Glide came so unquestionably recommended that we instantly realized that there was nowhere else to look. Travis and his team have an uncanny knack for hitting the nail on the head with nearly preternatural perfection in every step of the process. The hits and responses we’ve received have proven the work of Glide Design to be absolutely priceless.”

Travis and the Glide Design team created an exceptional website with an engaging design that was easy to navigate. They truly listened to what we needed and left us astounded with their creativity and professionalism. I’ve worked with Travis on multiple projects and my expectations have been exceeded every time.”

Everyone that views my site comments on how easy to use and organized it is. I recommend GLIDE for anyone that wants to get what they paid for in a website.”

It is always an enjoyable experience to work with people who generally care about your company want to help your business succeed. Travis and the team at Glide Design do just that. Their extreme dedication really sets them apart from the rest. The website they created for us is elegant and timeless. It goes way beyond what we had imagined. Thank you, thank you, thank you…”

You are awesome. It has been a real pleasure working with you over the years. Thanks for the solid partnership. I will definitely spread the GLIDE “love” to anyone who asks. Thanks again.”

It was obvious when I first met Travis that he is passionate and knowledgeable about building websites. I’ve learned by working with him that he is a man of integrity and an expert at customer service. I’ve already worked with Travis on multiple projects and would not hesitate to work with him and his team again in the future.”

Your responses have been much appreciated and very timely. Thank you so much for your outstanding professionalism throughout this process. You have taken the time to listen to our customers needs and developed a site that is clean, concise and very easy to navigate. This site has already saved us hours on the phone, and it has only been up for a week. Looks great! Works great…perfect and thank you!”

Thanks, Travis! I WILL continue to spread the GLIDE “love”, you guys have been very responsive and always conscientious.”

GLIDE did not tell me what my website was going to look like. In fact, once they listened and began to understand what I wanted, they went out of their way to ensure I got it. There were not just email dialogues, but phone calls and personal meetings! This professional website gave a new identity to my organization, and it helped build confidence. We were able to create online discussions, photos, and calendars that I could manage!”

Travis and his team really took time to figure out what was important to me during the design process. He always responded quickly whenever I had a question about the project. The quick turnaround was valuable to me as a startup.”

The procedures followed by Glide Design in evaluating our needs and designing these sites around them were very thorough and creative and we were extremely happy with the end products. Glide design has also provided continuing services as our web master and in updating the sites as needed and that, too, has been a very good relationship.”

You guys are really impressive. Autumns writing is incredible to say the least. You guys are obviously excellent at what you do so, here’s me giving you the reins. You know all about the experience I had the first time around with a different designer and quite honestly, I have a ton of faith in the GLIDE Team.”

From our first appointment with GLIDE we have come to expect an attention to detail and a high level of customer service. Faraday’s Kitchen Store has now been a client of GLIDE for over 3 years and their response to our business needs has been exceptional. GLIDE has been quick to response to our online needs, completely fulfilled on every request in a timely manner and provided follow up to bring closure to each and every project. I would highly recommend GLIDE to anyone who is looking for a quality, innovative and hands-on approach to their online services. Thanks for your continued support and partnership.”

Travis is a multi-talented artist. His firm, GLIDE, is an undiscovered treasure in a sea of web design and usability firms. Travis and his team are not only result oriented but deliver results that exceed your expectations. I have enjoyed my relationship with this design firm that constantly gives back to the community. Great people, best product and incredible value.”

CEO, Echotouch, Inc.

I would, and have recommended Travis and GLIDE for any Web Design projects. He and his team work very efficiently together to provide top of the line creative infrastructure and a high integrity level to give clients exactly what they are looking for. Travis is dedicated to not only the clients image but also the needs of the clients target audience. Working with him on a project was not only a joy but also a learning experience. Again, highly recommended!”

Travis McAshan recently prepared and launched a website for me when I left a large firm and opened my own law firm. I found Travis to be enthusiastic, creative and technically skilled, which was particularly important since I am technically challenged. However, what I believe sets him apart and adds particular value is his ability to determine the essence of what his client really feels is important, even if the client can’t really verbalize it, and to come up with a professional product that incorporates that essence.”

W. Daniel Vaughn Legal Services

What I like about the GLIDE team is that they’re more interested in how a site will meet our company’s needs than how it will look in their portfolio. Sure, their designs are impeccable, but that’s not their first priority. Making sure we get the results we want is their first priority. Travis is a talented web designer, but he’s much more than that. He’s a talented strategist. He listens, and he actually thinks about this stuff, maybe even more than the client does. The result is a strategic website that not only looks good, it really works.”

I want to thank GLIDE for the outstanding work you have delivered. We are extremely happy with the new site and it has allowed us to market and run our business like we have always dreamed of doing. The new professional design has allowed us the ability to reshape our business image, facilitate needs we have never been able to before, and create a whole new market of business for us. Without the help of GLIDE, we would not be at the level of business and professionalism, we are currently at today. It has been a pleasure working with you on this project. We always felt you had our best interest in mind and from the look of our new site, it definitely shows. At no point in the development of the project, did I ever have feel I was not in good hands. From the beginning of conceptual design, till the official launch of our new website, GLIDE was organized and professional about every aspect with this project. The manner in which, GLIDE presented themselves assured us that we had made the right choice. We again thank you for all your hard work and efforts. We could not be more pleased with the outcome.”

Pieper-Houston Electric L.P.

For me, one word sums up Travis: integrity. He’s honest and always does what’s right for the client. I refer friends to him because I know they will be treated right.”

GLIDE has been a resource of Ultimate Choice Travel for a variety of projects, and they will always continue to be. They have yet to fail at not only exceeding our expectations, but to do so in a timely and cost effective manner. These guys have a passion for turning your ideas into functioning works of art, and it shows.”

Chief Operations Officer, Ultimate Choice Travel

I have never worked with another designer that could provide solutions on your level!”

President & Owner, Routesoft

I want thank you and your team for some really fine work that you provided to iQual during development. We have continued to view you as a part of our team and will continue to use your services as we grow. The overall quality of your work is great and we especially like the flexibility you have provided when our direction has changed from time to time.”

Chief Operations Manager, Iqual, Inc.

I’ve worked with a lot of designers, and they all think they’re creating “works of art” but you’re the only designer I have ever known who is able to get into the user’s head and design a site for results.”

Think Big Work Small

Travis is a talented creative designers with a great eye and excellent people skills. Most importantly he is great to work with (which is not always a given when dealing with the creative world.)”

Owner, Ultimate Credit

I have had the pleasure of working with Travis I we helped launch a new endeavor, Echotouch. I had worked with him in the past, and was really pleased with the superior creativity, and professionalism he brought to the table. I would HIGHLY recommend using Travis & Glide on any web based project you might have.”

Principal, Myturf Wireless

We teamed up with GLIDE on an ambitious project to build an engaging and functional website for our young rock act, The Steps. Travis and his team brought creative and technical expertise to the table and helped us create a unique experience for our fans.”

Manager, Loophole Entertainment

GLIDE was unbelievable! Some companies you have to tell them over and over and nitpick at every detail. With Glide we just gave them an idea and they ran with the concept. I can’t put a price on how easy it is to work with Glide. GLIDE is also good at really giving you a bigger picture with hitting your target audience. As a business owner you want to have your hand in everything so that it looks just the way you want it to turn out, with Glide they really listen and won’t stop until you are completely satisfied. GLIDE never gave me a “we don’t do that” they literally did EVERYTHING! I continue to recommend them to everyone I come into contact with. They also do contract work which makes my company look great if we need something that we can’t find the time to do. Thanks guys.”

Working with Travis and the Glide team has been a great experience. Travis is highly knowlegable, full of integrity, and very passionate about what he does. This makes for a great combination, and I would strongly reccomend his services!”

I do not give business recommendations unless the company I am endorsing delivers what is promised. I was searching for a firm to design a high-quality, cost effective and visually appealing website that would represent my business in a professional manner.Travis and crew at Glide Design truly delivered.They created a site that meets and exceeds all my criteria. There are many website designers in the marketplace. What sets Glide Design apart is that they really listened to me, so that they fully understood my business. In addition, they have a firm grasp on the principle of “form following function.” Travis and his team have developed a nonintrusive, step by step system where I was always an integral part of the development process. I do eagerly recommend that you contact Travis at Glide Design if you are revamping your current website, or if you are looking to design a new site.”

President, Retail Strategies Consulting Group, LLC

And the 2012 award for best web Guy in the world goes to… [Glide]. Thank you so much! Thanks for the hard work.”

Owner, Whirled Peas Baby Food

I contacted GLIDE with a basic idea of what I wanted for my labels, Travis and his team took my idea and expanded on it giving me a label that was far better and more professional than what I had envisioned. Based on my contact with GLIDE and their professionalism I will not hesitate to make them my first call for all my future needs.”

Owner, Busted Ale Brewery

I was amazed at your grasp of what we needed and how quickly you could get that on site. I frankly do not even like to use the word “project” but the experience was a joy.”

Founder, JesusDay Austin

GLIDE is one of a kind…great talent..great work and they keep promises on timelines. Have worked with them now for some time and they are a great resource for new ideas. We have and do work great together and if a new idea pops in your head…call Glide, you will be pleased with the results.”

President, e9Media, LLC

Your work and design is outstanding! You have a real feel for how to present your product or service in a way that is both appealing and interesting to your visitors. I have searched all around the internet for web design and have found the very best value and work in GLIDE.”

Web Entrepeneur & Educator

Thank you for the excellent work you did in creating my Mr. Slatwall character. You were on time, on budget and I really like the character you created. You exceeded my expectations.”


From our very first meeting, GLIDE grasped our vision and understood our goals. Through their inspired design and innovative ideas they created a website that far exceeded our expectations both visually and functionally. Our project was very complex and they patiently worked through all of our needs while meeting every deadline. Thank you Travis and team for your personalized service, and unbeatable value. Your dedication to excellence has paid off for Apple Annies in a big way.”

Owner, Apple Annie’s Catering

Travis and his team at GLIDE have been exceptional in consistently providing products in a timely manner that have exceeded our expectations. Because of the increased visibility that GLIDE has provided our small oil and gas exploration company, we have been able to hire personnel who would not have known about us otherwise and are able to seamlessly distribute key information about our oil and gas prospects through our secure website. As importantly, their team is very easy to communicate with. I would highly recommend Travis and GLIDE to anyone seeking their services, and remain confident that they will meet or exceed any expectations that their customers have.”

Vice President, Bearkat Energy, LLC

Travis McAshan has a unique combination of marketing and technology expertise, and business acumen. Travis understands client and business requirements and his experience shows. His rare and valuable combination of talent is a gift, indeed. Travis and his team at GLIDE are people you can count on to deliver, Austin’s TRUE gem.”

The team at GLIDE goes above and beyond; their attention to detail and excellent communication ensures a smooth and rewarding experience. They have what it takes!”

Travis [of GLIDE] was GREAT to deal with on the design of our Corporate Logo. He helped us establish a true Goal on exactly what we wanted our Logo to say about us as a company. He was creative, professional, and very easy to deal with; I would recommend his work to anyone. We will definitely be using Glide again in the future!”

President/CEO, Texas Benefits Group

Over the years we have built many web sites and I’ve never found a web design company better to work with than GLIDE. I will be using you for all my future projects, thanks for the great work!”

President, Free News Network Inc.

Travis is a pleasure to work with! Triact has been very pleased to work with Glide to develop design concepts on eCommerce skins for our client projects. He is able to quickly produce designs with very limited direction, and be right on target with what we want.”

President, Triact Associates, Inc.

Travis was able to create the perfect logo even though I had only presented him with vague concepts for the image I was looking for. Besides his great design, I was so impressed with his ability to ask the right questions and translate my ideas into exactly what I wanted in a logo.”

Owner, Creative Changes

I’ve had several compliments about how good looking my company logo is – glad I went with GLIDE! Travis gave me a great product at a fair price.”


GLIDE is my go to company for all design needs. Friendly, efficient, and fairly priced are three reasons why I would shop nowhere else. Small company friendly customer service with big company production and quality. I would recommend glidedesign to anyone looking for quality work.”

President, Real Tan Inc.

GLIDE is by far one of the most professional, creative and innovative businesses that I have ever come across. They have completed all of our projects on or before the agreed completion date and provided world-class service with a personal approach. Glide was committed to retaining a clear and open level of communication.”

Managing Director, Broken Arrow Security

Our experience with the GLIDE team far surpassed my expectations, Travis and his people walked us through each step of the way, making our idea and concept come to life.”

Principal, Elevate Capital Management

You gave me a realistic time frame, which allowed me to plan accordingly and coordinate the project. That takes integrity to not just tell me what I want to hear to get the job.”

Marketing, Echelon Homes

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