iFLY Indoor Skydiving

A global trendsetter in the fast-growing entertainment sector

First off, we got to go indoor skydiving! Imagine that, a whole gang of GLIDErs gearing up in flight suits and taking a leap of faith at iFLY’s Austin location. They insisted that we try their service before getting too far into the project because they knew we’d be inspired by the experience. They were right! Research is fun!

How would I describe your efforts? Monumental. Epic. Herculean. Atlassian. Ninja-like.

– Chris Miller, VP of Marketing

Not surprisingly, we had blast! It was exhilarating, but in a way we couldn’t have anticipated. After the visit, we all came away with a fresh perspective on the work ahead. Back on solid ground, we were energized and eager to take on what would be a large-scale project for us in terms of design and functionality.

Design fit for an industry leader

With over 37 locations worldwide, iFLY is a pioneer in the fast-growing entertainment market. Our challenge was up to us to build a website that would keep them on a skyward trajectory for years to come. The project consisted of two main components: design and development. Naturally, design came first.

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Form and functionality

Since the iFLY experience is both tough to describe and different from what you may expect, we went with a design that gives visitors a quick teaser of indoor flight (in the form of a video hero). Then we got out of the way, and let the flyers do the talking. What better way to capture how special the experience is for different people than to feature their voices right on the homepage?

All about booking

With some basic design choices out of the way, we could dive into the more technical aspects of the project. More than branding, the purpose of the iFLY site is to act as a booking portal for their entire family of tunnels around the world. Because indoor skydiving is an activity that is new to most people, we wanted the booking flow to be both intuitive and descriptive. It’s a tough balance to find, but we’re thrilled with the result.