Multi-dimensional creative agency with global reach

Companies that offer a wide range of services can have difficulty explaining what they do in website form. For Strategy3, we spent a lot of time in the planning phase trying to understand the core components of their business. The result: a modern design that speaks clearly, shows more than tells, and explains by example.

The homepage for Strategy3 is no-nonsense, using strong typography, whitespace, and dabs of brand blue to highlight key elements. The bulk of the site revolves around two silos: Approach and What We Do. Approach gives a holistic view of how they work, while What We Do puts their work in real-life context.

Another goal of the project was to position them as intellectual leaders. Content is key here, but we made sure to include a global “Thought Leadership” section at the bottom of every page, signaling to visitors that they’re ahead of the latest trends.

Lastly, a Contact page with a dark background provides nice contrast to the rest of the site, while also showcasing their global presence. Simplicity reigns supreme.

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