Using AI and ML to improve tech

The next revolution in tech will surely be driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning, which is why we were thrilled to build a new website for the startup Isima. Isima has created an OS, of sorts, that makes it easy for any business (or person) to build an intelligent, self-improving, data-driven product. I know that sounds vague (with a lot of hyphens), but that’s the idea. The only constraint on what you can build is your imagination.

To capture such a big idea, we wanted a site design that felt groundbreaking but not flashy for flashiness sake. The platform is streamlined and intuitive, so we felt like the site should be too. That starts with a no-scroll homepage. You have a clear message, a provocative background graphic, and two unmistakable next actions. Learn about the product or join the revolution. What’s it gonna be?

(Drag or swipe left/right on the images below to see more layouts.)

For Everyone
Default Page

For such a forward-thinking project, we also knew the site needed a style that suited itself to all screen sizes. The body of each page consists of modular blocks that scale cleanly from large desktop down to mobile. Mobile-first sounds great in theory, but you often end up with elements that look absurdly large on desktop screens. We’re happy with where we landed.

On the experience front, we use page build animations to fade in each new section. This gives visitors a sense of creation consistent with the product. Thin red lines draw attention to key information, and lastly, we have a fixed left-hand navigation bar (on desktop), bucking convention, albeit in a small way. In minimal design, every detail counts.

Post-launch Results

-13%Bounce Rate+1%Avg. Session Duration+8%Desktop Pages Per Visit