Track what your team is saying with Machine Learning

We are delighted to present to you the launchpad site for LitLingo, a communications compliance platform that knows how to keep it light. This project grows awareness of LitLingo while collecting leads for potential early-adopters. We’re always up for the challenge of fine-tuning brand presence and teasing out the story of an exciting new AI startup.

Compliance but keep it light

We put the fun in functionality with the illustrative design and focus on possible use-cases. We embarked on this project well aware of the risk of engendering Orwellian vibes and worked to steer clear of that. To accentuate LitLingo’s fun, friendly, and functional side, we stuck to simple, highly-stylized illustrations and “screenshots” alongside minimal animations that draw the eye down the page. Content focuses on the many uses of LitLingo, leaning on playful but pensive imagery to bring the content to life.

A card for every use-case

Pick a card, any card. Another feature that shows off LitLingo’s many functions is a group of cards on the Platform page that visitors can filter by industry. This way, a compliance leader from the healthcare industry can select their industry and immediately see the ways that LitLingo will be of most use to them.

Bringing this feature to life was an adventure. Arriving on a tagging process and transition setup that allowed the LitLingo team the greatest amount of flexibility when updating use-cases from the CMS took several iterations.

Improvements around the office

Just like the LitLingo platform tracks office communications with an eye toward continual improvement, team GLIDE tracks site activity to make sure client KPIs—and the designs that influence them—are better every day. With the help of Hubspot integrations, we follow up on conversions and other activity 30, 60, and 90 days after site launch to see what is doing well and what could be changed.

As we work to improve the ability of the LitLingo site to inform potential customers of its value and connect them with the team, so too do we support LitLingo’s betterment of office communications. Whether it’s protecting vulnerable teammates from harassment or analyzing opinion on a new policy, LitLingo works to ameliorate any office exchange.

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