TICO Shaving

The best dang organic shave oil on the market

TICO* Shaving is a shave oil startup with a simple pitch: Save shavers time, and simplify sinks. Also, the product is 100% natural—a welcome change from the messy creams and goos most people are used to. The idea sounded great to GLIDE’s creative team, and we were excited to get stared while the company was still in its infancy.

“From branding to product design and all the way through to the web commerce experience, the results were best in class.”

– Rayner Smith, President, TICO Shaving

Before we could build a website, we needed to help TICO* hone in on their image. We worked with them on everything from choosing a name to designing the product packaging. TICO* is a name that’s new to people, so everything associated with it needed to be memorable.

Streamlined design

With the brand identity starting to take shape, we moved into web design. Their website would have to serve as a introduction to the product as well as a shopping cart. Since they only have one product, we were able to streamline the experience. Look, learn, buy.

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Smooth lines

The clean, smooth appeal of their product is on display in subtle ways throughout the site. The combination of colors is tranquil, the language is direct, and the imagery is inviting. “We have nothing to hide,” it says.

Final thoughts

As with all of our clients, we’re thrilled to see TICO* succeed. Several people on our team have tried TICO*, and they love it. If you’re interested in rejuvenating your shave experience, see for yourself.