Total Expert

Customer engagement for financial enterprises

What comes to mind—visually speaking—when you hear the words ‘enterprise solution’? Something sterile, plain, outdated perhaps? Well, that is not the case here. For Total Expert, an enterprise marketing platform for financial institutions, we got the green light from the client to pivot in the opposite direction. The result, not a design anyone would call boring.

It starts with navigation

Moving past the dark palette and bold aesthetics of the site, let’s talk about functionality. The first job of a website is to serve up information in a logical way, which becomes more challenging when you have a large site like this one.

To make sure visitors could quickly find what’s relevant, we gave some extra love to info-rich drop-downs in the nav bar. Large drop-downs aren’t always the right approach, but in this case we knew it would save visitors from wasting clicks, so we leaned in.

Flexible content blocks

This was one of our first projects built to fully take advantage of Gutenberg, WordPress’ modular content editor. Rather than custom designing every service page, we created a toolkit of elements and empowered the client to build pages on their own. This is a strategy we’ve used more and more as we’ve grown accustomed to Gutenberg.

Unleash the mobile visitors

Since launching the new website, mobile visits have soared. This is the result of many factors, but we knew that an improved mobile experience would have a profound effect on site performance. Visitors browse more, spend more time, and are more likely to convert now that they are having a smooth experience now matter what device they’re browsing on.

(Drag or swipe left/right on the images below to see more layouts.)