ECHO Clinic

Increased access to healthcare for those who need it the most

What We Did:

Instead of focusing on the problems with healthcare, let’s talk about solutions. Our client ECHO has a great answer to the question of how to improve healthcare: We are “Empowering churches and other community organizations to develop healthcare clinics to serve the most vulnerable people in America.”

The investment we made into our new site was 100% worth it because of the team at GLIDE.

– Katherine Wolman, Project Manager

With that, we knew that if building them a better website could help promote such a lofty mission, then it was our duty and privilege to take it on. The primary goal of the redesign project was an obvious one: to help ECHO Clinic secure investments in order to expand on the great work they’re already doing.

We would accomplish this by highlighting what they do exactly and how their expertise makes them well-equipped to use the resources they receive. Finally, we made it as simple as possible for someone to contribute.

Conversion-first design

From the start, we were aware that people have a some skepticism when it comes to non-profit organizations. Therefore, clarity and transparency were words we used a lot to describe how content would be presented. There is no shortage of detailed information about the background and history of ECHO. But at the same time, the homepage uses simple graphics, concise text, and a easy to read map to speak to each of their audiences.

(Drag or swipe left/right on the images below to see more layouts.)



Because there are multiple ways to contribute to ECHO’s cause, we decided to try something special with the navigation bar. As a visitor scrolls down a page, it’s common for the navigation bar to fix itself atop of the browser window and follow them down the page. However, instead of using the same navigation items, we implemented the graphical call-to-action items that first appear on the homepage banner. That way, no matter where you are on the site, getting started is always in-sight and one click away.

The prognosis is good

Every new conversion they receive means increased access to healthcare for someone who desperately needs it. Knowing this made ECHO one of our most rewarding projects to date.