The most flexible employee engagement platform

Our client challenged us to make a fun, modern design that didn’t sacrifice one bit of the signature playfulness of their old site. Sure, the clip-art motif they had going on may have been outdated, but there was no denying it had character. “What do we do instead?” they asked.

From start to finish (and beyond), GLIDE made an intimidating and intense website development experience a joy.

– Tim Ryan, VP of Marketing, YouEarnedIt

We thought we could use all the smiling faces on their Team page to liven up the whole experience. Now every time you load a page, you’re greeted with a YEI team member’s smile.

Design that makes you feel good

Not only does the site capture their company’s culture, but it also evokes the feeling customers get using YEI’s employee engagement platform. Engaged employees smile more. Fact.

(Drag or swipe left/right on the images below to see more layouts.)


How YEI solves problems

With this new website, YEI really wanted to call out the problems most of their customers wanted solutions for. “Our product unifies culture, redefines recognition, boosts engagement, and increases retention,” they said. “And we can prove it.”

Post-launch results

In the final design, each of the challenges their customers face are identified as “services” on the homepage and are given their own dedicated subpage. It’s still early, but so far the results have been great. Traffic is up and visitors are engaging with the new content.

+45% Both the main site and mobile site traffic rose over 45% in 30 days post launch.